For over 13 years St. Padre Pio Foundation has been caring for the homeless and those who are at risk of homelessness on their way to self-reliance.




Political changes, which took place in Poland 25 years ago, have caused thousands of people to lose their jobs and homelessness has become a social problem. The consequences of those events are visible today - currently there are over 33 thousand homeless people in Poland. In Cracow about 2 thousand people live without a home. They are often left on their own – without a home, job or their loved ones.




St. Padre Pio Foundation is a really modern, up-to-date Caring Centre in Poland. Homeless people can get both, the everyday help - take a shower, eat a hot meal, do the laundry - and also get long-term support from specialists such as social workers, psychotherapists, lawyers, career advisers. This comprehensive assistance is based on an individual approach to every person in need, making real changes in their lives.



At present, we support more than 2000 homeless people on their way to being independent.

You too, can help change their future and make the world a better place for them.

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Bieżący rok, a szczególnie najbliższy weekend, to wyjątkowy czas dla wszystkich czcicieli Ojca Pio, w tym osób bezdomnych. 20 września będziemy obchodzić jubileusz stulecia stygmatyzacji, zaś 23 września przypada pięćdziesiąta rocznica śmierci świętego Kapucyna.

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