St. Padre Pio Charities for over ten years is caring for homeless people and those who are at risk of homelessness in their way to self-reliance.




Political changes, which had taken place in Poland 25 years ago, caused thousands of people to lose their jobs and homelessness became a social problem. Consequences of those events are visible until now - currently there are over 30 thousand homeless people in Poland. In Cracow about 2 thousand people live without a home. They are often left on their own - without home, job or their loved ones.




St. Padre Pio Charities is a really modern, up-to-date Caring Centre in Poland. Homeless people can get both, the everyday help - take a shower, eat a hot meal, do laundry - and also have the help from specialists; social workers, psychotherapists, lawyers, career advisers. This overall help based on individual needs causes real changes and great benefits in their lives.



At present, we support more than 1600 homeless people on their way to being independent.
You can also help change their future and make the world a better place for them.

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Przystanek o nazwie PRACA

Po wakacyjnej przerwie na „Przystanku Praca” znów zatrzymały się panie i panowie bez domu. 12 października rozpoczął się kolejny cykl spotkań tej zawodowej grupy wsparcia.

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